Construction Management Services

Construction Management

Drost Services is a construction management consultant.

We provide our management and process solutions in a variety of industries for clients contractors and engineers.

- Construction Supervision

- Site Management

- Owner's Representative

- Offshore Client Representative

- QA/QC Consultancy

We care for Quality in Processes, Projects.

We care for People

"We care"

We care for Your Business and your Projects

Drost Services is a construction management consultanty with > 25 years international management experience in a variety of businesses and sectors in Europe, Asia and Africa in construction, civil construction and environmental engineering

International Management Solutions

Drost Services is working around the globe

We are able to provide our services and management consultancy solutions worldwide in:

- Marine Construction & Engineering

- Construction

- Civil Construction

- Infrastructure

- Railway Engineering

- Railway Construction

Our Services:

- Construction Supervision

- Construction Site Management

- Owner's Representative Services OnShore & Offshore

- QA/QC Consultancy

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